Rotting Christ, Triarchy of the Lost Lovers – CD

2023 re-issue of the Greek black metal classic;
An album that was composed and recorded under an intense inner search which resulted in maybe the most soulful album they ever created.
Rotting Christ welcome you to their majestic world and hope you will enjoy your trip into the glorious 90’s Black Metal sound.
Comes with original cover art and includes 2 Kreator covers as bonus tracks!

Track listing:
1. King of a Stellar War
2. A Dynasty from the Ice
3. Archon
4. Snowing Still
5. Shadows Follow
6. One with the Forest
7. Diastric Alchemy
8. The Opposite Bank
9. The First Field of the Battle
10. Tormentor (Kreator cover)
11. Flag of Hate/Pleasure to Kill (Kreator cover)

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